After two years the manuscript of Nepenthes naga Akhriadi, Hernawati, Primaldhi & Hambali sent to Reinwardtia Journal, the manuscript published in Reinwardtia (12)5 on February 2009.

This species is too interesting in taxonomical views. The species have long forked sheet below of its lid.

In conservation views, habitat of this species threat by rubber plantation and the other sexy threat is over collecting. With hoping Nepenthes is beautiful and sexy in their natural habitat, we hope every one could keep their individuals safety and do not over cutting-off or take all of their seeds.

And how about in CITES? all of the species in this genus is Appendix II except 2 species. Please see CITES appendices in

And how about in Indonesia? the genus protected by law in PP no. 7/1999 and PP no. 8/1999. Please find this in

We are afraid that all of the species will be extinct in the wild although the conservation efforts for the landscape is sexy by conservationist.

we just try to conserve…..