Kinari Summit

Kinari Summit, another landscape in Sumatra Barat

Naturae, Minangkabau Highland 16 July 2012

Negeri ini cantik
Pemandangannya indah
Berasnya enak
Masyarakatnya ramah
Kenapa kita sibuk menghabiskan alam?
(pa, 16 july 2012)

Kinari Summit, a place in the main road between Solok city with Alahan Panjang of Sumatra Barat has a good and spectacular landscape views. It is about 15 km from Sumatran Highway at Solok city.

Kinari Summit

Along the road to the summit, we can see Beras Solok paddy-field both side of straight road. We also see the local village with agroforestry and paddy field. Before the summit, we can see the Albizia falcataria (Sengon) and Teobroma cacao (Cacao) in mixed-farms.

Kinari Summit

At Kinari Summit, we can see beautiful landscape of Minangkabau Highland. We can enjoy Gunung Talang if we get good weather and the range of Bukit Barisan to the West. Below this views, we can see terrace of Bareh Solok paddy field spread out and rug of Cocos nucifera (Coconut-tree).

Gunung Talang

To pleasure this Summit with any fresh drink and warm food, we can enjoy at Damar Resto that built by Pinus merkusii wood. Be carefull with fire from cigarettes…!!!

Damar Resto

So… do not be waiting to enjoying the fresh atmosphere on Minangkabau Highland…. !
Have a nice trips in Minangkabau Highland… !!!! (paqt)