Dear Decision Maker in Padang of West Sumatra

On Saturday, March 23, at 8:30 p.m., thousands of cities around the world will go dark for one hour during Earth Hour, WWF’s annual campaign to raise awareness of the environmental challenges we all face, such as climate change.

As a resident of Padang, I am turning out my lights and I urge our community to take part in Earth Hour. Here’s how:
1. Turn off all non-essential lights in and around our government buildings
2. Promote the event and encourage landmarks and businesses in our community to join in.

Participating for one hour during Earth Hour is only the first step. In addition to that symbolic event, our city can gain recognition for its efforts on climate change through the Earth Hour City Challenge.

Our towns and cities are already facing the staggering costs of weather driven to extremes by climate change, and the resulting power outages, flooded roadways, shuttered businesses, and damaged homes are becoming more and more frequent. Many cities across America understand these risks and are taking practical measures to prepare. Our city must do the same.

With this letter I challenge our city to first take part in Earth Hour and then to participate in WWF’s Earth Hour City Challenge! I hope you help protect my family and fellow residents by preparing for the increasingly extreme weather our community faces. Learn more at

PA Q-ting
Minangkabau Highland
Use Paperless to Save Our Remaining Forest