Let’s Enjoy our Nature with Helping Nature Conservation and Increasing Local Communities Knowledges and Prosperities

Along the trip on Sumatra Island, several place has interesting for eyes, ears and actually for our mouth to speak “Amazing”.

It’s not only to enjoying landscape and views, but we will also enjoy the hospitality of local communities, flora, fauna, pure of river water, birds sound, gibbons scream. It also local tradition culinary.

You can enjoy our Trips on Our Tjoretan Dinding option at Ecotourism & Ethnodiversity

Remembering the place, we can walk, track and also enjoy local hospitality particular in part of Central Sumatra at:

1. Gunung Marapi

Gunung Marapi

Puncak Merpati

2. Gunung Singgalang with crater lake of Talago Dewi

3. Gunung Tandikek

4. Gunung Sago

5. Gunung Talamau with several crater lake

Gunung Talamau

6. Mandeh Bay Area

7. Lambah Harau Nature Reserve with its precipice hills

Harau Valley

8. Lambah Anai Nature Reserve with its waterfall

9. Kerinci Seblat National Park with the highest volcano of Gunung Kerinci and the biggest crater lake of Gunung Tujuh and also Rawa Bento swamp.

10. Western Bay of Sumatra Island to see sunset

WestCoast Sunset  Mandeh Bay

11. Maninjau Lake

Maninjau Lake

12. Singkarak Lake as the finishing place for Tour de Singkarak

13. Diateh and Dibawah Lakes with holticultural views

14. Ex-coal mining lakes near the 1st Waterboom in West Sumatra

15. Jam Gadang of Bukittinggi

16. Istano Pagaruyuang and several Oldest Rumah Gadang of Minangkabau palaces around Batusangka

17. Mentawai Archipelago

18. Rafflesia in Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve

Rafflesia in Batang Palupuh

19. Sikuai Island

20. Gunung Talang

Gunung Talang

Above areas are the famous tracks for tourism activities.

But please might be reminded that several OVERLOOKED SITES also had been visiting locally and families journey in such MINANGKABAU HIGHLAND AND COASTAL AREA as a part of CENTRAL SUMATRA:

1. Natural Floras Photography and Birds Watching

2. Tangsi Duo Waterfall with Tea Plantation around

3. Aia Malanca Waterfall with Tea Plantation views

4. Sandstone Local Mining with its precipice

5. Rubber Agroforestry Local Plantation

6. Historical Kelok Sambilan

7. Living with local communities

8. Lubuk Galagah Buto

Galagah Buto

9. Jungle Track on Tropical Rain Forest with pure river water

10. Lubuk Larangan with its forbidden fishing


11. Tjindakya Waterfall

Tjindakya Waterfall

12. Bird Watching

13. Lembah Dewa Waterfall

14. Small river Canoeing


15. Visiting Overlooked Flora

Rhizanthes deceptor

16. Kinari Summit

17. Simancuang Valley with Paddy-Field and Mt. Kerinci Views

Simancuang Valley
and many local communities custom and tradition can explore.

18. Danau Tingga

Danau Tingga

19. Caves


Nowadays, one of villages in Central Sumatra was preparing to visit by tourists (local and foreigner) with local communities traditions and their daily activities as one of Interesting Journey such:

– Fishing with traditional tools

– Rubber harvesting


Please remind to journey with local communities under their hospitality.

all photographs taken by naturasumatrana; except Gunung Talamau, Danau Tingga, Caves (by KCA-LH Rafflesia), Overlooked Flora (by RMT Padang)
published on 13 January 2012; last updated on 02 January 2013


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