8th Flora Malesiana 2010 Excursion

After 8th Flora Malesiana Symposium 2010 in Singapore that held in Singapore Botanic Garden on 23 – 27 August 2010 about 12 plant taxonomists that participated in the Symposium attend the post Symposium Excursion with theme A Botanical Hunt for Parasitic and Carnivorous Plants in West Sumatra of Indonesia. The taxonomists that participated in this Excursion are:

  1. Aleck Yang (Taiwan)
  2. Art Vogel (Netherland)
  3. Els Vogel (Netherland)
  4. Hans Nooteboom (Netherland)
  5. Jan Frits Veldkamp (Netherland)
  6. M. Affishan (Singapore)
  7. SK. Ganesan (Singapore)
  8. TC. Huang (Taiwan)
  9. Shau-Ting, Chiu (Taiwan)
  10. Vincent Demoulin (Belgium)
  11. Wu Ming-Jou (Taiwan)
  12. Xue Bine (Hong Kong)

The Excursion had organized by Hernawati (Nana Syamsudin) of Herbarium Universitas Andalas (ANDA) Padang, Indonesia that carried out from 28 August to 02 September 2010 in Sumatra Barat; and supported by member of Natura Conservanda and KCA-LH Rafflesia FMIPA UNAND.

First meeting with Excursion Participants

Briefing had conducted on August 24, 2010 located in front of The Garden’ Library after lunch of 2nd days of the Symposium. The organizer explained any needs along the Excursion such individual needs, airfare, transportation, accommodation, logistics, and suggested that PROHIBITED TO COLLECT ANY MATERIAL OF THE PLANTS WITHOUT RESEARCH PERMITTED FROM INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT. The organizer also informed along the Excursion time is fasting days for Moslem in the visiting location.

1st day – 28 August 2010

Arrived in Padang from Singapore

2nd day – 29 August 2010

Depart from Padang to Solok. In Payung Sakaki of Solok show Nepenthes eustachya, Nepenthes reinwardtiana. Nepenthes eustachya is an endemic species in Sumatra. Along the trip also found some species of Lycopodium and Cheiropleuria bicuspis.

3rd day – 30 August 2010

Depart from Solok to Payakumbuh to show Nepenthes adnata, Nepenthes albomarginata, Nepenthes eustachya, Nepenthes gracilis and Nepenthes longifolia. Nepenthes adnata, N. eustachya and N. longifolia are endemic species in Sumatra. Some species of Pteridophytes, such as Dipteris lobbiana and Osmunda javanica also found in this trip.

4th day – 31 August 2010

Depart from Payakumbuh to Bukittinggi to visit natural habitat of Rafflesia arnoldi. Entering rain forest to find the species, and the ‘participants’ finally found the blooming flower of the giant flower of Rafflesia arnoldi in their natural habitat, although the location is not too easy to be accessed. The participants also have an opportunity to see the success of local people to planted Tetrastigma with blooming R. arnoldi in their home yard in Bukittinggi.

5th day – 01 September 2010

Depart from Bukittinggi to Padang to visit Botanic Garden of Universitas Andalas and Herbarium of Andalas University (ANDA). In botanic garden participants had seen any kinds of lowland forests species such as Euria, Macaranga, Symplocos, Adinandra, Evodia, etc. In the garden also found Nepenthes ampullaria and ot Rhizanthes deceptor (Rafflesiaceae). The hills surounding the Botanic Garden of Universitas Andalas is type locality for R.deceptor,

6th day – 02 September 2010

Depart from Padang to Singapore

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Rafflesia and Rhizanthes in The Nature

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Second Blooms

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